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Why The Photographic Guild?

We are one of the oldest camera clubs in the United States dating back to the early 1930s. We have a long tradition of helping photographers improve their skills. Through our weekly competitions and meetings, constructive critiques, organized outings, educational seminars, and collective decades of experience, we can encourage, inspire, and enrich your photography.


Why Compete With Your images?

To improve your photographs you need to know what other people are doing. You need to compare your photos with the photos that are winning the competitions. Probably the best competitions are the international exhibitions where your photos are compared with others from around the world. Try to attend some competitions and see for yourself what the judges have to choose from. Start out in the club’s beginner class and learn what makes a photograph stand out from the rest.


Join Today - Annual Individual Membership is only $45.00 (couples $55.00)



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